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Home can happen only through a productive relationship between Aeon and residents. Aeon must provide the quality environment/ opportunity, while residents must meet three overarching expectations:
  • pay rent – it’s kept as low as economically possible
  • treat their home with respect – it's home for them and others for decades to come
  • treat their neighbors with respect

Property & Asset Management

Aeon formed Aeon Management in June 2008.

Adding property management services allows Aeon to take a more integrated approach to its core concept of “providing homes” and helps ensure that Aeon’s values and high standards are reflected in the daily operations of each property.

From screening rental applications, to collecting rent, to handling resident conflicts and maintaining the physical building, Aeon's Property and Asset Management teams ensure that properties are assets to residents and the greater community.

"Establishing Aeon’s own property management capacity ensures that our values, standards and expectations are fully translated to our properties into the future,” said Aeon President Alan Arthur.


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