Poetry helps Dyrell find his purpose

God’s Plan

What is it you have in store for me?
I want to know why can’t I see?

There’s something here that I must do,
Still to this day I have no clue.

Why is it, you keep saving me?
Although I sin, you’re there for me.

I know I should have long been dead,
But you’ve kept me here on earth instead.

I’ve been shot, stabbed, beaten by many;
Shouldn’t have no sense, still I have plenty!

Look, I’ve even lost one eye;
What makes me such a special guy?

I’ve asked this question many times;
Still no answer I can find.

So whatever it is Lord, just let it be;
What it is you have in store for me.

Dyrell wrote his first poem almost 35 years ago while he was in county jail for a DUI. It was in this county jail where Dyrell started to contemplate his purpose and began to turn his life around. Before jail, Dyrell was involved in gangs; today, he is known for his generosity and giving spirit. “My friends always say ‘you do too much for people and nothing for yourself!’ But I took so much in my younger years and now I want to give back. I want to help others as much as I can.”

Dyrell has been living at Aeon property The Elms for almost six years, and has been an active resident in the Aeon community. After another resident passed away, Dyrell hosted a service in the building’s community room where family and friends could grieve and reflect. He then created the Residents Who Care group to offer a way for neighbors to engage and get to know one another through movie nights, holiday parties and other events.

For Dyrell, Home is a place of your own where you can feel comfortable and build community. He shares his feelings about Home in his most recent poem:

Home is the place your heart resides;
Home is the place that you decide.

Home is the place you call your own;
Home is yours and yours alone.

Home is where you find serenity and peace;
Relax sit back, kick up your feet.

Home is comfortable clean and neat;
Where your decorations make it unique.

Home is welcoming, Home is love;
Love thy neighbor as commanded from above.

Though we come from different places, have our own individual spaces;
Get to know some names and faces!

It takes no time to break the ice;
Start with a smile, speak, say something nice.

This way you’ll know you’re in no danger;
Because your neighbor now, is no longer a stranger.

It all starts by us living in unity;
Now Aeon has created another community!

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