Female Aeon resident looking at camera and smiling. She's wearing a cream colored shirt.

Why Aeon?

So every person has a home and is interconnected within community

By joining our mission to ensure everyone has a home and is connected to the community, you are helping transform lives. When you look back on your life, will you know that you made a difference in your community? Alan Arthur, Aeon’s President and CEO, shares how he knows this:

Why Affordable Housing

For 30 years, Aeon has built or renovated quality affordable housing developments. We have built or renovated more than 2,700 affordable apartments or townhomes – incorporating sustainable practices and design elements to create valuable community assets. Today, 40 properties provide home to more than 4,500 individuals. Learn More

Why is there Homelessness in Minnesota

There are currently more than 14,000 Minnesotans experiencing homelessness. Aeon actively provides affordable housing and supportive services to families and individuals without homes. This creates a community where lives connect, which is critical to stabilizing the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Learn More

Why Sustainable Housing Innovation

A key aspect of Aeon’s mission is to promote a healthy and sustainable community that provides residents with long-term cost savings. Each development is built with high-impact strategies and sustainable building practices that meet high environmental standards. Learn More

Resident Stories and Creating Community

Aeon properties enhance the connection between residents and their community. The personal transformations that many of Aeon’s residents experience are immeasurable. The majority of our properties offer supportive services. Learn More